THOMSON, Arthur (1927-1990)

UK fanwriter/artist/editor, born in Glasgow and raised in London, active since 1954, when he and workmate learned of the Surrey Circle (1946-55) and started attending meetings. Staff artist on HYPHEN (ed. Walt Willis & Chuck Harris) from issue 12 (Dec'54), he also contributed cartoons to most fanzines of the day and to the prozine NEBULA. Member of London Circle (1955-59), Science Fiction Club of London (1959-68), and Kent TruFandom (1982-90). TAFF-winner 1964.

First Contact:  Surrey Circle (1954).

First Con:      Cytricon (1955)

Concoms:        None

Fanzines:       RETRIBUTION (1956-61, 17 issues. ed.w/John Berry)
                THE GOON LIBRARY (series of fan fiction one-offs, ed.w/Berry)  
                   No.1: THE ENIGMA OF THE HIERONYMOUS MACHINE (195?)
                   No.2: CLOCHE BY NIGHT (195?)
                   No.3: FISSION IN TROUBLED WATERS (195?)
                   No.4: THE THOMSON SAGA (1957)
One-offs:       TRANSFAN FUN (1957, ed.w/Berry)
                HARLEQUIN (1964, ed.w/Berry) 
                ATOM ABROAD (1965, TAFF report)
                TOMORROW MAY BE EVEN WORSE (1978, W/John Brunner for BOSKONE)

Apazines:       VERITAS (1956-59, 9 issues, ed.w/Berry) for OMPA
                RON BENNETT APPRECIATION (1958, one-off) for OMPA
                ATOZ (1960, 3 issues) for OMPA
                TOPEE OR NOT TOPEE (1961, one-off, ed.w/Bruce Burn, George 
                                Locke, Ted Forsyth, Joe Patrizio) for OMPA
Collections:    THE ATOM ANTHOLOGY (1961, ed. Ella Parker)
                ATOM: A TRIBUTE (1990, ed. Vin¢ Clarke)

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