NIELSEN HAYDEN, Patrick (James) (1959- )

American fan active since 1975, first in Phoenix (1975, 1976-77, 1978), then variously in Toronto (1975-76, 1977, 1983-84), New York (1977), East Lansing (1977-78), San Francisco (1978-79), and Seattle (1979-83). Since 1984 he has lived in New York. Winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology (for STARLIGHT 1), 1997. Winner, with Teresa Nielsen Hayden, of the SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE Readers' Award for Best Fanzine (IZZARD, 1987). Winner of the SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE Readers' Award for Best Editor (1997). Hugo finalist five times, for Best Fanzine (IZZARD, with Teresa Nielsen Hayden) in 1984; for Best Fan Writer in 1986 and 1987; for Best Semi-prozine (THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF SCIENCE FICTION, with various others, 1989), and for Best Editor in 1997. TAFF winner, with Teresa Nielsen Hayden, 1985. Guest of Honor, with Teresa Nielsen Hayden, at Not-a-D-Con (1986, Minneapolis); Westercon (1991, Vancouver); Sci-Con (1993, Virginia Beach); Boskone (1994, Massachusetts); Minicon (1997, Minneapolis), and Orycon (1997, Portland, Oregon). Editor Guest of Honor at Armadillocon (Austin, 1996). Contributor to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION (Clute & Nicholls, eds., 1993) and THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION (James Gunn, ed., 1988). Founder of Arizona apa AZAPA. Co-founder of THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF SCIENCE FICTION and of Seattle sf discusion club Babble-17. Contributor to MAINSTREAM, ENERGUMEN, WARHOON, PREVERT, HYPHEN, CRAWDADDY, THE MISSISSIPPI REVIEW, and the WRITERS' DIGEST SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS' SOURCE BOOK, among other fanzines. Author of miscellaneous short stories and incidental material in a variety of science fiction books. Since 1988, editor for Tor Books; since 1990, senior editor; since 1996, Manager of SF. Since 1996, editor of STARLIGHT, original SF anthology series published by Tor Books. Married since 1979 to Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

NB. Until April 1979, Patrick Hayden; changed last name to Nielsen Hayden on marriage to Teresa Nielsen in 1979.

First Contact:  LOCUS, THE TOLKIEN JOURNAL, and Jim 
                Steranko's COMICSCENE by mail in 1971; 
                Phoenix fan club meetings in January,1975.

First Con:      DesertCon III, Tucson, Arizona, February 1975.

Concoms:        Concom staff, Leprecon I, Phoenix, March 1975. 
                Director of Programming, Iguanacon, 1978 World Science 
                Fiction Convention, Phoenix, August 1978. 

                Programming committee (with Teresa Nielsen Hayden and 
                Steven Brust), Fourth Street Fantasy Convention, 
                Minneapolis, 1995.

                Executive council member, Minicons 34 and 35 
                (1999 and 2000), Minneapolis.

Fanzines:       TWIBBET 7 (1975);
                THANGORODRIM! (7 issues, 1975-77);
                TWEEK (3 issues, 1977; with Gary Farber, Seth McEvoy, and 
                       AnneLaurie Logan);
                ECCE FANNO (three issues, 1977-1981);
                TELOS (5 issues, 1980-1982; all issues co-edited with Teresa
                       Nielsen Hayden; some issues co-edited with Gary 
                       Farber and Fred Haskell);
                ZED (6 issues, 1981-1986; with Teresa Nielsen Hayden);
                FLASH POINT (nine issues, 1981-1987);
                IZZARD (nine issues, 1982-1987; with Teresa Nielsen Hayden);
                IT'S ONLY TALK (Babble-17 newsletter; 6 issues, 1982-1983; 
                       later continued by other editors);
                TAFFLUVIA (TAFF newsletter; 10 issues, 1985-1987; with 
                       Teresa Nielsen Hayden);
                and various one-shots and collaborations.

Small press     Editor and publisher, FANTHOLOGY 1981 (1982).
                Co-editor and co-publisher, with Tom Weber and Teresa 
                Nielsen Hayden, WAGNER/ARTAUD by Samuel R. Delany 
                (Ansatz Press, 1988).

                Editor, MAKING BOOK by Teresa Nielsen Hayden 
                (NESFA Press, 1994; 2nd ed., rev., 1996).

Apas:           AZAPA, 1975-1978; 
                MISHAP, 1975-76; 
                APA-50, 1975-1976; 
                SAPS, 1975-1977;
                FAPA, 1977-78, 1981-1985; 
                A WOMAN'S APA, 1976-1978; 
                various others,1975-1985.

Online:         GEnie SFRT, 1989-1996.  
                The Well, 1989, 1994, and 1996 to present.
                Usenet, 1992 to present.
                Homepage, with Teresa Nielsen Hayden, at link below.


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